More than 4,000 specimens of Camellias, and lots of different kind of botanical species that will leave you amazed. Not just because of their natural beauty, but the hand that works on them.

The garden of the Pazo de Rubianes started in the late XVII Century with a gardening project that covered the closest surroundings to the palace and the area today known as the “pond of the frogs”. It was during the XVIII Century when the most important performances regarding the organization of the cultives and incrementation of the garden areas were made. The passion about gardening passed from fathers to sons and during the XVIII and XIX Centuries the new projects of gardening happened, with the introduction of new species that became in authentic botanical monuments: the magnolios, calocedros, criptomerias, eucalyptus, camphors, ashs, araucaria, oaks, corks, camellias and many other species that today fill the park of the Pazo de Rubianes. Without a doubt, the garden of the Pazo de Rubianes is a garden of Camellias, a winter garden, station where the most of 800 varieties of Camellias shine, turning this garden into a unique place in Europe.

The recently history of the garden of Pazo de Rubianes has two main characters: Ms. Dolores Urcola Zuloaga and
“The passion for gardening passed from fathers to sons”.
Thanks to that passion, the botanical park of Pazo de Rubianes is today declared a Garden of Excellence by the International Society of the Camellia.

Ms. Paloma Rey Fernández-Latorre.

Ms. Dolores “La Marquesa” lived in the land for almost 80 years and she was the responsible of the garden conservation during a big part of the XX Century. Great amazon and lover of the botanical, with devotion and passion for the Camellia. She is an example of love and sacrifice for this centenial garden.

Ms. Paloma, actual Mistress of Rubianes and Marquise of Aranda -widow of Don Gonzalo Ozores de Urcola- is today the soul of the land. Model of commitment and responsability with the patrimony that she has to take care. More than 30 years are now how much she has been working next by her husband Don Gonzalo for conservation and recovering of the property. She is the main responsible of the land recovery after the horrible fire in year 2006. Her devotion for the historical garden and her love for this patrimony made her turn the property into an example and reference in Galicia inside the botanical, architectonic and vineyard field.

Thousands of specimens of marvelous Camellias

A massive collection of different shaped and colored camellias. An experience in a unique winter garden in Europe that will not leave you indifferent to its beauty.

Would you like to visit our gardens?

Walk between Camellias and vineyards.

Connect with the colors and the life that Pazo de Rubianes hosts in its marvelous gardens.

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