Our albariños wines

Quality and excellence in wines, product of an intensive care and love that we put into our vineyards.

With an area of ​​25 hectares, the vineyard of Pazo de Rubianes is the largest in the region of Salnés.

Don Gonzalo Ozores of Urcola – the eighteenth Lord of the House of Rubianes and Marqués de Aranda – and his wife, Ms. Paloma Rey Fernández Latorre, were responsible for the recovery of ancient vineyards and the new vineyard Project took place between the years 1997 and 1999 .

Don Gonzalo, great lover of his estate, had a great devotion for his vineyards and, into his plans for future, he had the determination to return to produce wine on the property.

But he couldn´t fulfill his dream before he passed away in 2006. His wife, Ms. Paloma is who picked up the baton to realize the desire of her husband.

In 2009, ten years after the recovery of the vineyards, we bottled the first wine of this new stage winery of Pazo de Rubianes.

The neighbours of Rubianes have a popular saying when refering to the Pazo de Rubianes vineyard: “Ós viñedos do Marqués dalle o sol ata de noite” (The vineyards of the Marquis get sun even in the night).

Built in the XV Century, the cellar smells like wine again, and started to live each vintage with intensity and passion.

Each year the agronomist engineer of Pazo de Rubianes and his team conduct a meticulous fieldwork to select plots whose grapes are used in the winemaking on the estate.

Only slightly less than 30% of the grapes produced in the vineyards of Pazo de Rubianes will be chosen to give rise to our exclusive wines with which each year comes the new crop of Pazo de Rubianes, García De Caamaño and 1411 wines.

The limited edition of three wines are the pride of their owners. Wines born among camellias and in the environment of a Garden of Excellence. With a well cared making process that make them worthy of the wines of a unique Lordship of Galicia.

Albariño Pazo De Rubianes

The Camellias Albariño Wine

The grapes come from the trellis of the high zone. It´s a very careful elaboration, which has as main protagonist that is the excellent quality of the grape selection. After been picked up and put into boxes of 15 kg, the grapes are processed in within less than 3 hours after being harvested. After a cold maceration, the fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks, under controlled temperature. Once the fermentation is finished, it is grown on lees until the end the cold stabilization and the subsequent bottling. Its quiet development of between 3 to 6 months guarantees an optimal and long-standed consumption.

Albariño García De Caamaño

Our Garden in a Bottle

Coming from the vineyards and trellises, the grapes are processed in the winery within a period of less than 3 hours after being harvested. After a cold maceration of the whole grape, we start with tear musts obtained with a light pressing. The fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks under controlled temperature. Then it is grown on lees for a period of one year to finish with the cold stabilization and subsequent bottling.

Albariño Pazo De Rubianes 1411

Single Plot Wine

After a cold maceration of the whole grapes, only the free run juice from the macerator’s bleeding is used for the production of this wine. It´s fermented at a low temperature (less than 16.5 ° C) for a period of 5 weeks, and later the wine is transfered to a deposit of 1500 L, enabled exclusively for this wine, where it remains ages on iits lees for 6 months. Once the aging process is over, the lees are removed, and the wine remains in the same tank until it is bottled, just before the harvesting of the following year.