Our Cellar

You just need to take a walk through our vineyards to recognize and identify what´s needed to make a great quality wine. The wines of the Pazo de Rubianes will not stand out for an spectacular construction of a big cellar, neither magnificent or technologic facilities. Are the vineyard, the care that our team put during the year, and the dedication and sensibility that we all put in the production and elaboration that make our wines special.

The widespread saying “the good wine is made in the vineyard” is what gives the wines of Pazo de Rubianes their main argument quality.

A wine that is born between camellias and in the environment of an historical garden. The care and effort we put on the botanical park, also we put in the vineyard and in the elaboration of our wines: Pazo de Rubianes, García De Caamaño and 1411. With a production of less than 50.000 liters, its about a limited edition of three albariño wines of great character and freshness.

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