The place where it all began…

A great experience of having contact with nature, Spanish roots, visiting a historical place, with a Garden of International Excellence, surrounded by vineyards with magical corners, and constructions of 600 years of exciting stories. A place to know and enjoy, and finally to taste our delicious wines.

Buy the best wine

Have a fun and full of beauty experience when buying your wine. You will have a great dinner story to tell after having shared our exclusive wine with your friends and family.

Visit the Pazo de Rubianes and be able to have…

...A guided tour

Come take a walk among vineyards and camellias, guided by our team of excellence. Enjoy this unique oportunity to visit the only manor house in Galicia and its gardens.

...Events in excellence

Turn your guided tour to the Pazo de Rubianes into a magical event with your friends or family. Share this experiencie in a unique enclave in the Ría de Arousa.

...A taste of our wine

Make your wine tasting a great experience. Get to know the enclave where Albariño wine worthy of a Manor is produced and share it with your loved ones.

Suscribe to our Club Pazo de Rubianes

At Pazo de Rubianes, we want our visitors to become part of a select and exclusive group of friends, for free.

Become a member of the Club Pazo de Rubianes and you will start to get a lot of benefits, furthermore of participating in our monthly raffles.