Pazo de Rubianes Members Club

The club of friends of Pazo de Rubianes is a space and meeting place for lovers of nature, botany, wine, history and heritage of Galicia in which we recognize the loyalty and commitment of an exclusive group of visitors and collaborators. With Albariño and camellia as central, share a passion for our land, and help to

road to the sustainability of an important Galician heritage. A place to share love and enjoy special benefits and exclusive experiences for our partners with a separate section on our Web space. This exclusive group of visitors and employees are part of the essence of the project and our brand and become our main “ambassadors“.

Qualifications for membership

Membership is free and the only requirements are:

  • Visit us

    Having made the tour of Pazo de Rubianes or have reservation for the near future.

  • Sign up

    Sign up in our Newsletters and you will be a member automaticaly

Membership categories

Different types of memberships according to your interests

  • Standard membership

    Friends of Pazo de Rubianes

  • Collaborator Membership

    Professionals friends Pazo de Rubianes: restaurants, wine bars, gourmet shops, hotels … our “ambassadors”.

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Benefits of Club membership

  • Membership Card: Distinction as a member of the Club of Friends of Pazo de Rubianes.
  • Access to exclusive web areas for partners.
  • Exclusive information on our activities about progress of the garden, vineyard and wine.
  • Priority booking for guided tours, special events and activities in the park.
  • Participate in the monthly draw of exclusive gifts.
  • Store discounts in the store (both park and online).
  • Participate in exclusive activities for Club of Pazo de Rubianes


  • Special prices on the wines of Pazo de Rubianes.
  • An invitation for your customers to our guided tour, with the purchase of each box of wine.
  • Join the small and exclusive group of establishments with wines and products Pazo de Rubianes. With a very strict and limited in the number of establishments for each policy area or zone.
  • Priority holding events and catering on our facilities.
  • Priority to participate in the activities of the manor and invite your clients during the time of camellia, summer or harvest.
  • Knowing firsthand the time of harvest and participate in our party with which we finalize the grape harvest.
  • Pazo de Rubianes presence and participation in events and tastings to promote your establishments accompanied by our wines and products.
  • Showcooking Organization and other gastronomic events with our partners.
  • Priority and exclusivity in the transfer of visitors to your establishments.
  • Dissemination and promotion of your establishments in our internet media and cooperating agencies and tour operators Pazo de Rubianes.