Guided tour to the park

Walk through our extensive vineyard, the botanical marvels of the gardens, and get amazed with the master architecture that our ancestress built 600 years ago.

By the hand of the staff of the Pazo de Rubianes park, we want you to live an experience that will not leave you indifferent to its beauty.

In a magnificent environment surrounded by history, galician architecture, botanical monuments, thousands of camellias, vineyards and by the hand of our excellent staff, you will end up the tour of the Pazo de Rubianes park with the tasting of our wine inside our cellar, turning the tour into an amazing experience.

The path

  • Welcoming and stroll around the garden

    A walk through a garden of International Excellence

  • A saunter through the vineyards and the albariño world

    With several conduction systems and with a didactical zone to know more about the cultivation of the albariño.

  • Visit to the historical palace

    Get to know the unique private Palace in Galicia in perfect state of conservation and decoration.

  • Visit to the chapel

    Built in the year 1,598 and dedicated to San José, which still mantains its art

  • Visit to the rest of the buildings

    Built in the late XV Century, these are the appendants that were used as service for the lands

  • Tasting of the wine in the cellar

    The visit finalizes with the tasting of the albariño wine of the Pazo de Rubianes

The guided tour to Pazo de Rubianes park is one of the tours which is collecting more satisfaction feedback among the visitors in Galicia.

What visitors say

Marvelous visit, incredible flowers, the trees, the vineyards…unforgettable. April 18 2014.
Amigos del Botánico de Gijón Asociation

More information

The tour to the Pazo de Rubianes park is also integrated inside the route of the Camellia and the historical gardens in Galicia, and the route Ruta do Viño Rías Baixas.

Free visit (Appointment necessary)

If you already did the guided tour and now you want to walk by your own, you can try also the free visit to the Pazo de Rubianes. You will be provided with a map of the park that will be your reference for you to know every corner.


Monday to Thursday from 9:00 hs to 18:00 hs (July, August and September 9:00 hs to 15:00 hs)

Improve your experience

Some things you do once in life, and that is why we think you have to benefit at maximum. We give you the chance to complete your experience with some additional options.



We offer the possibility to complete your experience with a lunch or dinner in the park, or an extension of the tasting of the wine at the end of the guided tour.

Minimum: 15 people

Vintage visit


You will have the opportunity to participate in the harvest, after which you can enjoy a meal in the cellar of the Manor and you can experience the beginning of the winemaking process plus participate in a commented tasting.

Minimum: 15 people

Tour with live music


The group will enjoy a special tasting in the cellar and after that, a concert of local galician music.

Minimum: 25 people



Guided tour through the land of Pazo de Rubianes plus a trekking route to its surroundings.

Minimum: 15 people

Wine tasting


We can set up the tasting in our cellar or any other place of the park such as the garden o the vineyard itself (if the weather allows us).

Minimum: 10 people



With the vineyard and the Camellias as main subjects. Workshops for groups, and families with children.

Minimum: 20 people

Make a reservation!


All visits are by appointment and the modalities are:

+10 people groups

Monday to Sunday from 9.00 hs to 19.00 hs

Individuals / Small groups

Wednesday 11:00 hs and Saturday, Sunday and holidays at 11.30 hs. (From July 1st to September 30th, also Thursday and Friday at 11.00 hs)

Free visits (Appointment necessary)

Monday to Thursday from 9.00 hs to 18.00 hs (July, August and September from 9.00 hs to 15.00 hs)

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