Xacobea Historical Voyage

Voyage around the archipelago of Cortegada and lift to the River Ulla

  • Guided Tour to Pazo de Rubianes

    First you will take the complete tour to Pazo de Rubianes early in the morning.

  • Lunch in Carril or Vilagarcia

    At noon we will go to have lunch to a restaurant in Carril or Vilagarcía de Arousa and enjoy a delicious local meal.

  • Voyage around archipelago of Cortegada

    Voyage around the archipelago of Cortegada, which belongs to the National Park of the Atlantic Islands, and then lift to River Ulla following the route of the sarcophagus of Santiago apostle on his way from Santiago de Compostela to the Torres do Oeste de Catoira.

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